Performance & Safety for Sports Vision

No matter the sport, vision is important to your ability to coordinate, concentrate, balance, and be accurate so why not exercise your vision? When athletes train, they concentrate on exercising the physical, but many eye doctors today say you need to exercise your vision as well. Through exercising the stamina and flexibility of your vision, you will become a better athlete. Your exercised visual reaction in your chosen sport can be the difference between winning or losing a game.

Your hand and eye coordination is one of the most important skills you can have on your side while playing a sport. With sports vision, you can enhance these skills and many athletes are already doing this type of training.

The skills you need for the best performance in a sport are:

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity allows one to see objects in motion clearly.
  • Eye Tracking is being able to keep your eye on the ball no matter the speed.
  • Eye Focusing is changing one's focus quickly and accurately from one distance to another.
  • Peripheral Vision enables one to see others and objects out of the corner of one's eye while concentrating on a fixed point.
  • Depth Perception is quickly and accurately judging the distance and speed of objects.
  • Visualization is picturing events with your "mind's eye" or imagination to help boost confidence and aid in greater focus on your athletic goals.

Exercising your vision is best in sports where you need to make split-second decisions such as skiing, tennis, baseball, football, or even billiards.

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