Lens Designs

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Lens Designs:

Single Vision- this all-purpose lens is available in all materials, and can be used for either distance or near vision correction.

Multifocals - will be suggested when both distance and near correction are needed together in a single lens.

No-line progressives - correct for far (drive a vehicle) intermediate (viewing the dashboard), and near (reading a map) vision all in one lens. Because there is no visible line, progressive have the appearance of single-vision lenses and are, therefore, the most cosmetically desirable multifocal. Progressives are available in all lens materials.

Bifocals - provide both far (driving) and near (reading a map) correction in one lenses.

Trifocals - are basically progressives lenses with visible lines. The majority of the lens is for distance viewing, while the center portion is divided into intermediate and near viewing segments.

Thin Lenses - Don't be embarrassed by your thick eyeglasses lenses anymore. Ultra thin lenses are now available. Metro Vision is excited to offer our clients ultra thin lens eyewear in hundreds of different possibilities. You can always depend on our staff to find the style you are looking for. Come see our collection of thin lens eye glasses today.

Function: Lifestyle & Eyewear

Different lifestyles, occupations, and activities require different lenses and frame features. Matching your unique lifestyle needs with the right kind of eyewear can not only increase comfort and protect your vision, but it can also enhance your performance.

Constant advances in technology and style options can give you a competitive edge that will help you to see better and look great. There has never been a better time to build an eyewear wardrobe that suits your personality and lifestyle, and enables you to always be on top of your game -- whether at work or at play.


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American Optical
AO Compact
AO Easy
Carl Zeiss
Essilor Adaptar
Essilor Natural
Essilor Ovation
High Index
Kodak Concise
Kodak Precise
Reflection Free
Seiko Proceed
Signet Armorlite
Sola Percepte
Sola SolaOne
Sola VIP
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Varilux Ellipse
Varilux Liberty
Varilux Panamics
Vision-Ease Outlook
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Zeiss Gradal
Zeiss RD

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